Instructions for preparation and submission of samples for protein identification

Submitting samples contained in  Coomassie-stained and silver-stained SDS-PAGE gel slices 

Care should be taken while running the gel and cutting out bands to minimize contamination with keratin. All reagents should be of good quality, and all equipment used for running and staining the gel should be pre-cleaned to get rid of any dust. The gel should be handled with gloves only. We accept gel slices stained with Coomassie, fluorescent dyes such as SYPRO Ruby, or MS-compatible silver stain (no glutaraldehyde used). Please call us at 913-522-7611 prior to submitting silver-stained gel slices to discuss whether destaining or other treatment is needed. 

Samples should be submitted with a picture of the gel taken before band excision. The bands that are being sent for analysis should be clearly marked on the picture.

Gel slices should be placed in 1.5 ml plain, non-lubricated Eppendorf tubes. The slices can be moist, but any excess liquid should be removed. Please make sure that the tubes are labeled clearly and that the sample identification number or name on the tube matches the number or name on the sample submission form.

Eppendorf tubes containing gel slices can be sent in a regular padded envelope without ice if shipped by overnight mail. Please send a picture of the gel and the sample submission form in the same envelope as the sample. 

Submitting samples in solution

If submitting protein samples in solution, please call us at 913-522-7611 prior to sending samples to discuss your project and to receive a quote.  We ask that our customers run part of the sample on SDS-PAGE gel, stain it with Coomassie and send us the gel image and a completed sample submission form by e-mail or fax (555-555-5555). After we receive all the information about your sample, we will be able to tell you whether your sample will need additional purification, concentration, buffer exchange or other treatment before it can be sent for analysis.

Protein solutions should be shipped on dry ice.

Sorry, we do not accept radioactive samples.

Please call 913-522-555 or email with any questions.

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