Protein Identification Service

Currently, we offer protein identification by tandem mass spectrometry. We utilize nano-LC/MS/MS technique, which is one of the most sensitive and reliable methods available now. It allows identification of proteins at low fmol levels and enables identification of numerous proteins in complex protein mixtures.

Our protein identification service includes complete sample processing: we perform reduction, alkylation, and in-gel trypsinization, followed by peptide extraction and separation on a microcapillary reverse-phase column. Peptides are eluted and electrosprayed directly into an LCQ Deca XP Plus ion trap mass spectrometer. Full MS spectra as well as MS/MS spectra are acquired, and the data is analyzed by TURBOSEQUEST software. The results of this analysis are e-mailed to the customer 2-4 business days from the day we accept the sample.

To discuss analysis of mixtures of proteins in solution or other types of projects please call 913-522-5555 or email us.

Our prices are comparable to the lowest prices offered by university core facilities.

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